On days like this…

On days like today, I am not my most energetic self, and I am not even my most optimistic. One might think, why couldn’t we just fast forward through such days. If life has a reset button it should also have a fast forward one. If only. Smiles.

Well whatever might be weighing you down (if at all), it’s not perhaps the worst thing that could happen to you. Everything can help build muscle. People talk about physical muscle -well for fitness and health in general, and of course in the dance world- but nobody really talks about that heart muscle from an invisible emotional kind of way. You need to build muscle, and while you become strong refrain from being hard-hearted or worse still cold-hearted. Do you ever consider your wealth from the point of view of your heart? ‘How is your heart today?’ is a question very few people who know me well enough and care for me ever so much, ask me from time to time. The world in general makes us value things in the physical so much we often gain a false sense of comfort, security, and even well being. What’s the truth behind the veil or wall of the “things” we surround ourselves with. I am happy because I possess A, B, C, D, …X,Y, Z or I am happy because I am. I am not saying that one doesn’t need things, or shouldn’t value or care for them. But somehow seeing one’s identity in one’s possessions is ultimately just a worldly facade. And it can fool everyone, but does it fool you? What if it were all stripped away? Would you still be happy? Perhaps therein lies the secret to true security, that solid ground we all crave.

I’m not sure if any of this would help you reflect a bit deeper on your own true value and worth. But I think we often take for granted and forget the gold that people are when we forget their heart and personality and gifts beyond what is measured by the usual standards. It’s a great loss actually. We lose out on real treasures. I think I learnt early enough that my biggest wealth is really in knowing so many beautiful people, knowing so many amazing hearts, full of talent, full of compassion, full of zeal, full of benevolence, full of friendship, full of potential, full of power, full of dreams, full of promise. Remembering this today gives me energy again and makes me think of happy moments shared. In the midst of the laborious task of building heart muscle of life’s challenges, I am thankful for the gift of people that I know. Thank you for your love and graciousness, for loving life for truly living, for your encouragement and just being you.

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