March thoughts…time for spring and summer soon

I promised you and myself a new website soon. It’s not forgotten, just still on it’s way.

In the meantime I have been very quiet here, but I see I still had visitors to my page. Thank you for visiting, and for those browsing through my blog I’m glad.

7 weeks in Europe. That’s where I was and before preparing for 7 weeks in Europe. It’s why I couldn’t write much.

I can’t document here all the incredible places I visited and things I saw, people I met and special things that happened. But through what was primarily a fellowship to research and experience work in an arts organisation in Europe, I had the ability to understand so much more about cultural management and festivals yes, but also about myself and people and life.

I had some key pivotal moments of realization that were such deep truths, I almost wish I knew them sooner. But I suppose everything has their own timing.

And so Europe has left me thinking about many things…and many new possibilities. My canvases didn’t get done yet( I had the crazy desire to paint in the midst of all the busyness), but I’m just going to take my time to finish them. No rush seems to be whispered on a breeze, while the need to rush seems to swirl all around me.

It is a season to be strategic of course, precise and articulate, a different kind of dance…also enchanting, like travel.

I’m still adjusting to being in India while feeling like I’m floating somehow in Europe too, but I don’t dislike the feeling. Transitions can be beautiful too.

PS: I wrote this post at midnight yesterday, but somehow I couldn’t publish it. So you read it at midnight or later today. Smiles. Sweet dreams from India. To all my friends in Europe that I met and didn’t meet, I do miss you.

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