M. may memories

I just got back home. Somehow I’ve missed my city in the many things that are perfect and imperfect about life here. I just missed my own room, being surrounded by my paintings and postcards of favourite cities in the world, my many little gardens and so much energy, creativity and strength that is wrapped up in a surrounding and memories.

I was on a study programme that was amazing. It was so much more than I could have imagined or hoped for. I met such special and inspiring people and had some of the best conversations, and heard some of the most wonderful and fascinating stories. Sweet delight. And there was toblerone too. Chocolat.

We learnt alot and I almost feel like cradling the bold brave me of the past four years, who managed to do so much (particularly for festival work) in complete ignorance of so many things and still accomplish quite something. In many ways I am blessed, in some I am blessed in exceptional measure. For this I stay thankful. God’s on my side. With all of the things we’ve learnt, I am excited and overwhelmed in a wonderful way. I need some time to figure things out, but I know doing things slowly but surely, focussing on a few things if not all is a good way to start. But more than that I had so many many many questions before, and I have answers now. That’s so sweet to my mind and spirit. Knowledge is power and I feel so empowered, and so strengthened. I know I will still have challenges, but I am so much better equipped to face them.

I wish I had lazy days ahead, but not quite so, till I’m in Mumbai…lazy days with my sister await for the next weekend. I might have a couple of meetings, but otherwise it’s going to be my quiet escape.

And for the ones who trust me to keep doing what I am so deeply passionate about, thank you for your love. You are my heroes.





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