I’m getting more used to all the different demands to my time. But yesterday I painted after a while, and if it was possible I would like to hold up a stop sign to everything so I could just be in a studio and paint all week.

That would be quite a luxury at this moment in time. But I look forward a season when I could carve out these times.

Embracing busy, and picking up the pace I’m more efficient now. For this I am glad. A few major ‘projects’ we’ll call them for confidentiality purposes have been wrapped up. So so happy for completion on those counts. My to do lists never get emptied before they are filled up again. But I think of a bucket being filled with water, it’s a good thing. Even though it’s work it feels light, because I really LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. This is so great. Tired never looks dark, it’s just nap time and let’s go again. I am grateful today for the crazy mix of things I get to do, even if I began this post on a different note. Smiles. It’s amazing to paint, dance, teach, choreograph, plan, connect, design, write, organize, and more; basically to be able to create on so many different levels. It’s beautiful.

I have more flights coming up. Training, dance concerts, and alot of Festival work. It could be dizzying, but it’s not. It’s So Exhilarating. Tuesday, in the middle of the week, and I’m checking out happy. I wish you are the same.


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