abril, backwards forwards and some…

I can’t believe, it’s been a few months since I was able to blog. So much has happened, and keeps happening. I have to remind myself to breathe.

It’s never just the professional busyness somehow personally, emotionally, socially life is busier this year too.

I am not as efficient as I would like to be. And it isn’t something I take lightly. But I just have to let go. I seem to have to let go of a lot of different things, far beyond my control. It’s not satisfying, but yes it can be very freeing. It can feel really backwards sometimes to be slower than you want to be, but somehow I sense it’s because my natural rhythm is a bit more hyped than it needs to be for making use of the opportune moment. And what is the opportune moment? Elusive, but around. You have to wait for it.

I think the key to success is really about being imperfect and being ok with that. It’s the only way not to lose sight of your real goals and standing your ground.

I can’t say all of this makes me happy, being driven is something I was well-schooled in. So really it feels ughh.

Anyway. Eventually it will all be done. Waiting on perfect timing, while everyday I say a few more no’s and try to let go.


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