The things people do…

I like when there is a turnaround…when things are going a certain way, not the most pleasant and you don’t expect any change but then they do change…I live for these turnarounds, or breakthroughs or shifts whatever you want to call it.

This is where I am thick-skinned…I am very persistent in holding onto the hope that there can be change…I am a very sensitive person otherwise…I used to cry very easily, and a slightly sharp tone would make me well up with tears…I am more in control of these tears now and wearing make up that I don’t want to get ruined is a practical tool I use to keep what was famously called as my ‘waterworks’ at bay…but no matter my emotions or temperament, my heart is strong in having faith, in believing in the good in people, in believing in changing circumstances and knowing that I’d rather hold on to hope and lose, than not hope at all and just give up without a fight.

Sometimes that fight is peace, it’s patience, it’s stillness, it’s holding on, it’s forgiveness, it’s a remarkable stance to live with an unoffended heart…there is so much power in this, and staying humble…a priceless gift really.

You might wonder what this has to do with art or choreography or production or management…but I’m sure if you dwell on it you will find your meaning to this, your situation or difficult area where this applies, whether tangible or intangible.

I’ve realized that truly the most powerful thing in the world is just being you, your uniqueness in it’s entirety is real power. Don’t run away from who you are. Live your destiny, shine like a brilliant star. There is hope for the morrow, just journey on.


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