turning tide

It’s a new year…and while most people have already said their final word on what this turn of season means to them, I have a little more that’s churning in my heart…

I’m happy for a new beginning…but I’m ready for a slower season…or I think I am. And so here is fingers crossed that it will be so. Or at least for a few months before it gets very busy.

I feel it’s going to be a very special year. But then I doubt, will it really be a special year for me…I have a tiny bit of a realist that comes up. It’s good to be real, but I like when my instinct overrules real.

It’s so exciting to be navigating decisions daily. Sometimes it can seem monotonous. But it’s actually powerful. My one wish for 2018, is to love people well. That comes up without me being pragmatic or clever or anything. On every front, I want to do whatever I can to help build relationships, build connections, build communication, build friendships, bring people closer, love people well.

I had this strange nostalgia for Calcutta while I am still in it. I’m not leaving on a jet plane but I miss my city. May be it’s forewarning, I might just be out quite a bit this year, or even just for a little bit, and it might be more than I really want to…

But while I remain clueless, I know there are several others flying in and out of the city. I have such visions of the airport and departures…what is this…I can’t seem to shake it off. Well, here’s the thing though, you can’t really be separated from Calcutta, she will always be in your heart.

Sorry, this is a slightly random post, but here’s wishing you a beautiful 2018, whichever part of the world your in.





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