deja vu

Sometimes, this is just how it is. I have some discomfort in my spirit as I sense change very close at hand. But my instinct is, this is a change I must step into.

While some things disappoint, so much else is beautiful, and filled with that sparkle. Something special, something beautiful. It’s like a strange passage of sorts. And it feels like it’s all happened before. My deja vu.

I was reminded last night of these beautiful words that a friend told me once. It’s not hard it’s easy. It’s easy. You get to do what you love, what your passionate about. It’s easy. You could be chained to something that wasn’t you at all, but you made a choice, and none of what might be seemingly difficult, is really difficult, it’s easy. It’s easy.

Beautiful words, from someone who is actually quite an authority I think on these life philosophies. If my life is a painting, I wonder what it would look like. My first impression is that of a pretty garden and house or cottage with flowers. But the painting isn’t complete. Just portions of this picture are, ready and in full colour. While other patches are blank, not even sketched in. And when does this get completed, all those lines and colours filled in? I don’t know. There is sadness and pain, but also so much happiness and beauty. Some conflicts seem like they will never see resolution, some challenges never see a breakthrough, and disappointments will still keep hurtling at you, at me.

And yet, I have this sweet assurance of a beautiful picture. A vision of a painting, a life journey that is uniquely me.

Thank you for cheering me on, you know who you are.


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