What do you see…

A ‘thinking’ period. I don’t always have the luxury for large chunks of time to myself. Circumstances however force or require this of me for a few more weeks as  my main focus. It’s such a mysterious time, I actually feel there is a puzzle before me that I need to solve.

The strange part is it’s not one of the obvious puzzles or questions I know I am asking and looking for solutions to. It’s something else. I feel like I am staring at it, it’s right in front of me, but I still don’t see it. It’s not invisible, but for some reason it’s barely visible to me. Have you ever found yourself in such a quandary? This one is new for me.

I need to ask the right question I suppose.

There is so much going on in my life right now, some work on hold, the exhibition in progress, plans, proposals, new projects, offers, counter offers, applications, invitations, events, dates to mark on my calendar, trips and travel for leisure, conversations, many conversations, things to do and pending lists of some time ago.

But none of this is as important and crucial as what I seem to be missing seeing. No, this isn’t some trick blog post with a profound ending, I am actually seeking here, a revelation needs to happen. Sketching helps though, we’ll see where this leads. Life is an adventure even when it doesn’t make you smile immediately. When I want to I can have patience like a monument. And blueprints might be the happy reward.






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