I didn’t paint.

I’m excited to open my second solo exhibition very soon. It’s exhilarating even though it’s just a tiny step in the ocean that lies ahead, and possibly it won’t be super hyped or anything famous, and yet it feels so so valuable and remarkable and amazing. Some things you just know with a deep inner instinct to be true. And for me, this is the most perfect step in the right direction. There’s so much power in small things sometimes, we just don’t realize it till much later. And here I think more than all of the surrounding factors, it’s the growth in me as an artist and a person.

Of course in this list is going through yet another grueling round of title cards. And being forthright and “forthcoming” when I’m asked questions, and patient too and honest without being too unguarded. And some willpower training when you need to overcome natural setbacks like excruciating pain from the most ridiculously timed toothaches. Also, working with and honoring your collaborators decisions, guidance and advice and trying if not always succeeding to keep deadlines.

There is something in the discipline of all this, my wild spirit fully appreciates. Not everyone knows all the unconventional things I’ve done, but some of this is reflected when I paint. I didn’t paint. And then one day I did. And while I don’t have a long list of credentials, my art hangs in homes and art spaces (I’d like to think, I don’t know where exactly they are placed) but in quite a few different countries…Taiwan, India, Israel, Norway, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, UK, USA, Belgium to name some that I remember…there are probably pictures and sketches in other places too or were at some point…this feels special…I have in my mind the visceral image of myself seeing a world map and the zoom in picture of where my art hangs or is (even if it’s not hanging) and it gives me so much joy. It’s such a gift.

This is a longer post, but we just finished the second edition of the Festival, and now I have my second solo art exhibition. There is something special in a second time. I have been reminiscing much about all the different people who called out the artist in me. Merci for humouring baby steps and strokes. I have made some really outrageous drawings along the way, and I’ve learnt very organically, alot like dancing with colours. But here’s something most people don’t know, I sing when I paint, or hum music or sing harmonies to music that’s playing. It’s fuel to my creativity and helps me concentrate. Very rarely do I paint in silence. Well for everything that’s said, an exhibition is a performance of sorts and I can’t forget my audience, this isn’t just for me. So I hope my art speaks to people and something in it is soothing. See you Saturday, you should find it quite an experience!


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