Slower still. Slow. Just a little slower please….

I think around me people and time and opportunity keep moving in wondrous ways really…but I don’t want to quite dance with that rhythm as yet. I’m curious to see how I will withstand this, because it feels like a trial of sorts. Something of your head and your heart or spirit being quite in conflict. It’s not easy for most people to understand this. Slow down…why? It’s almost considered weak, unprofessional, not for the ones breaking new ground. But for me it’s the reverse, it’s strength, it’s somehow like I need to stop and look from a vantage point, to gain perspective for a greater wisdom and deeper insight…it’s as if I will miss something very important if I rush.

Rest to my spirit and inner being that seems so jarred by everything turning quite so fast. I like to waltz. It’s such a pretty dance, and it seems perfect for my now. So waltz with me please. If you are one of those in my immediate circle, and I’m not quite so high to race ahead, bear with me. Let me be slow and let things be slower just for abit. I am not overwhelmed. I am not anxious. I am not perturbed. I’m actually strangely really calm and confident for whatever is to be next even if it is still evolving. It’s not even that I’m tired or worn out or anything. I just need to be still. Mystic in me maybe. Or maybe something is changing and I just need to wait it out. Processing here, this is it. Hopefully I don’t wreck too many other rhythms and charms of music keeping perfect time. But perhaps we can all slow down for abit, and just for a moment have a magical orchestrated harmony.



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