Horizon…beyond the sun

I’ve missed writing. I’m squeezing in some time through midnight work hours. Festival month means many late nights, well sometimes I choose those because often it’s when I am most creative. I have been working quite continuously with this one focus, and it’s wistfully I think of how fast it will all  be over. More than any relief of something being completed (and hopefully well done), the strongest feeling is always the nostalgia from the wonderful people that I will miss. The connections that are made and moments and memories created in my city, that always transforms Calcutta for me and how I see it and live in it. So in a sort of deja vu way, I think of all that will happen and I reminisce even before it takes place. I can only imagine what beautiful and happy madness (don’t be alarmed, if your a participant and reading this, I’m just being a romantic in my head, we will be organized) it will all be.

I have peace to sleep through storms, because I believe what we are doing is greater than all the effort and investment that must go into something like this. My mind is in abit of a whirlwind, having just got back from an conference/festival in the US, that had us flitting between cities, artists and spaces; and now in the middle of what can only be described as “heavy-duty” Festival work as the Director with many different responsibilities, I’m also choreographing two new pieces for a graduate show. Multi-tasking takes on another level of necessary expertise. But someone believes I have the grace for this.

I can’t even start to question that (it’s too risky!), but as my father often told me I now keep doing things, knowing little by little (gradually) it will all be done. For anyone who is reading this, I bless you with peace, peace to know that sometimes in letting go you gain everything. And there is something beautiful in every trial, every challenge, every difficulty, every not great moment of your day. Somehow you are chiseled by it, and you can be assured the sun will rise everyday.


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