Almost May…

I have great anticipation for this summer…it feels like it’s a ripe time for things to happen as they should…Several other months and days pass, with a slow build, alot of waiting and an almost unnoticeable progress… But now, I love the pressing action, a time crunch of sorts and a daily intensity to keep to deadlines and push through…I could complain at times except for the diligence I see all around me, which often makes my work seem fairly light in comparison. The phases in a journey can sometimes in the unknowing fill you with trepidation, but for whatever reason, I am just very very excited to walk through this adventure. That’s the keyword though…walk don’t run. Even when you are brave, haste can be an awful waste… There are a few different, yet to be announced projects and possibilities that add to my few idle happy hour musings… And a special mention to the friends who cheer and champion all of these fancies…thank you for dreaming with me and believing in many somethings that came from almost nothing. You are real, something my choreography teacher would often remark is the pure gold we look for when we create. I am so very glad to have this pure gold in great friends. Merci and waves from across the seas and oceans.


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