And sometimes…

For the tactless ones…think a little…read a little…ponder a little…wait a little.

It jars my spirit. Being quite sensitive by nature, it is abrasive, when I must brush against those who can’t tell silk from satin. Stop. Feel a little, sense a little. You can hinder a lot and hurt unnecessarily, or choose the not so easy, more delicate path. This is when I really do feel, everyone really needs to be an artist, or at least explore that road just a little. So you aren’t like a blind elephant, charging ahead, just about to topple off a cliff.

Thank you for the ones, who are just a little more perceptive. And if you weren’t like this always, thank you to those or the things in life that taught you well. Wisdom comes from so often, what we know not to do, when obviously it would seem the next step ahead. For those not so sharp, or those who choose not to be, I choose grace. Grace to overlook the glaring misstep, faux pas or intentional blunder. Like having pie smashed in your face…I would question why would you do it…but not knowing makes everyone clueless. I’ve been there too, so I mustn’t forget. It takes time, experience, maturity. For the wisdom that goes beyond years, I am grateful. And I trust all will play out well. Even if haste does sometimes cause us to plunder, hope will ever remains in the fabric of time to even things out.


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