For this year….

Don’t be overwhelmed, no matter what the unknown. Breathe. Smile.

When I look ahead, there is a year filled with exciting opportunities and possibilities. But it’s festival year, and that means everything takes on a different level of  ‘making things happen’. Some decisions you have time for, others you don’t. And this is where being an artist seems so very crucial to this role of being a director. Creative solutions. Always.

Flying kites, remains as this happy yet cruel image in my mind. In my first attempt at kite-flying someone quite brutally(or it would seem to the novice in me, quite brutally) cut my line and my kite came swirling down. I will never forget that ‘it’s not fair, why did he do that…’ moment. And, it happened without warning.

So now I lay naivety  down. And though I don’t claim to have all the answers or all of the solutions or backup plans, I’m ready for the ride- that topsy turvy upside-down sometimes laughing sometimes crying roller-coaster ride-festival directors you smile knowingly. It’s going to be fabulous!

My heartfelt wishes to each one of you from London. Happy New Year! May the new beginnings of 2017 truly be like opening the gate into a new chapter full of light.





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