November…the sweetness of rain

I will always love rain. We are experiencing some unusual rain in Calcutta here for November and to me it is somehow blissful, sweet and reassuring.

This November, I am thankful for changing plans that by some unseen or divine power are actually aligning things just as they should be. I don’t want to sound mystical, but most artists will concede some things are just a mystery. I had a recent realization of time and timing, sometimes we can really bind ourselves in accomplishing something because of a timeline or timing we think is ideal, acceptable, simply perfect. But it’s just because we are looking at what is just before us and not all of the many other variables and forces at play surrounding those constructs.

So when shifting emphasis happens between projects, I have peace and I am grateful.

When unexpected changes and delays happen, I am undeterred in my vision and goals. It might take longer, but that’s alright.

When there are interruptions, threats, discontent, disquiet, I let it go. No point holding on to something that is always going to be a battle. I choose, I always have a choice. And that is a good thing.

Distractions happen, and often it can leave you with dismay. But remembering to live over just being efficient is necessary. As as artist I never want to push my soul beyond a certain limit. Then it’s time to rest. And sometimes your body forces you to rest. Or your soul forces your being to rest. It’s important, we are inside and outside different things, but human at the core, whatever else we portray to the world.

Sometimes there is a communication overload, and sometimes it’s too quiet while you wait and choose to wait patiently.

Life isn’t simple, but it’s design is always beautiful. The dreamer in me is ever alive, and steadily we keep walking on.


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