Studio musings

The first day of July. In the midst of many things, today I started working on a new choreographic project. For the first time I have dancers from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It was a great first day working together in the studio. I’m looking forward to what the coming weeks will bring for the showcase in late August.

Dancing is so personal, and I loved watching these personal exchanges happen, gentle conversations. I like to give my dancers creative challenges and I enjoyed witnessing this company of dancers delve deeper into the impulses shared. There is beauty in the making. In the slow tiny steps forward. In seeing embodiment gradually take place.

This week I was also able to work on a short video edit of a project I did last summer. The piece is called ‘I Do Care About You’, watch the teaser and do send me your feedback and comments.

It’s always great to work on new things, but I also look forward to working for a longer time on older things. And I’m glad to say there is a possibility for some interesting re-digging and developing later this year. For things old and new, I remain thankful. Studio time is always great.


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