Summertime… and Calcutta is steaming :)

The summer is here in full blast, it feels like an oven sometimes, yet Calcutta is happy, hot and happening. I have a series of new things to look into. I had a moment of believing, an empty schedule for a few weeks, how wonderful, and then suddenly from all different angles work lines up. The to do list is high, and yet at times like this it’s best not to think of how long the list is. I choose to enjoy things, even if it means doing it slower and being less efficient, gradually things get done. Summer is a pretty time in Calcutta, if you can get past the heat. It’s often the beginning season for longer projects, the heat somehow has this creative effect. You think differently and there is a rosy haze over the potential of things that can take shape differently. It’s delightful.

I painted after quite a while, and share with you this new piece ‘Flamenco’. I think it’s somewhat inspired by my European travels, though I wasn’t in Spain. Work and leisure made for happy times in the UK & Italy. Immediately after, I had something of a family crisis losing my brother-in-law and my father within  a span of two and a half weeks. It is a deep loss, and the pain is still real. Life seems a little unpredictable in some ways,  and difficult too, but the impulsive side in me loves the continued sense of adventure that living in India brings. Believing in a beautiful summer for me and you, in flowers and sunshine, beaches and colors, people and smiles that make you dream again.


‘Flamenco’ 5/16/2016 acrylic on canvas




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