Perfect Balance


I was recently on a team trip with Chaitown Creatives in Mussorie. Life on a mountain is different and the pace of everything changes. I think it was a really good place to gain some perspective on the fast and slow we call normal. My life as an artist and administrator takes so many different twists in the road, and I often find it hard to have quite enough “breathing space”. Not everyone understands the need for that. But I know I need alot of it to balance all the different kinds of assignments I so gladly take on. It often means saying no, and setting work boundaries, and while not always the most pleasant task it is necessary for things to be sustained in the long term, to stay healthy and well. I am reminded that it is in those quiet moments that I am most creative, and I never want to lose that capacity of enjoying what I do by just the need to work and being forced to do it. So breathe. Look out for that blue sky and green trees. It’s your free gift, choose it.


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