creative hours

More of what I hadn’t expected. Arts administration projects seem to have clustered around me like moths to a flame. It’s a slightly unusual season, but I am enjoying it very much. It’s the ideal base to cover certain other dance and arts projects that need a longer time to mature, and gives me the pace for due research.

In some ways it’s different to my normal and yet it draws on things that feel very natural to me. I enjoy my work. That feels like a really important part of it all.  The ‘Art Utsav’ painting fiesta literally is due to open next week. This is exciting as is also a new series of paintings that I am working on.

There is a friend’s idea for a choreography workshop that I hope can happen. This is different to what we usually experience in the city. It is an open forum for choreographers to meet once a week and take turns in trying out their choreographic ideas/improvisational tools on bodies very eager to dance (namely us, usually very busy dancers/artists/choreographers). It would be great to take class with someone else leading for a change.

Calcutta seems bustling with activity and energy this winter.

Wishing you creative hours too in your corner of the world.



2 thoughts on “creative hours

  1. Good Morning Vanessa
    Jasmin Vardimon linked me to you.
    I coach Jasmin’s company in the Moving Breath practices:, and was just with them in Ashford as this brilliant new work, Pinnochio was birthed.

    I have a base in Delhi, but am not there much.
    Returning today for 2 weeks. from London.

    I read some of your writings.
    We share much
    Starting with mixed blood lines,.

    We should talk/ meet
    For Jasmin, but also
    For us
    For the future of contemporary dance in India/Asia./the World,


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