‘Wishing Tree’

India. You’ve got to love India, for all the wildness she can throw at you, it’s still home. I’ve had a season of wrapping my head around so many different things, it’s almost hard to know which way I’m turning. From choreographer, dance teacher, to dancer(performed again after four years), to director (which was a covering word for many different hats) to artist and painter…I’m glad it’s settling abit into that time when I can paint again. I love this so much. Peace and quiet and colors. After the rush of a dance festival and many wonderful artist interactions, to almost dizzying effect and meeting some celebrities along the way, I really like that I can recede abit, to a little more of my own world. Well, just for abit. There is an exhibition coming up in a few weeks, and I’m really excited that some of my paintings get showcased there. And there are a few more art projects around the corner…I love this time of the year and it’s definitely a good time to create…more paintings and posts coming soon…Here’s one of my newer works…’Wishing Tree’

Wishing Tree.


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