Notes in April

Four months to the summer dance festival. It’s a constant reel of things to do, but I enjoy all of it so much. There is an array of international artists taking time out to be here in Kolkata for the event and that makes me so very glad. Step by step, we are moving forward. The key is to keep allowing the natural order and flow to carry you ahead even if it isn’t according to a sequential timeline of completion. The process is definitely something one has to tussle with at times, but it’s best not to try to wrap your head around the ‘whys and why nots’, sometimes it’s best accept what is and move on.

I am thankful already to so many who have contributed to the development of this festival and helped in planning and creating different layers to the event. And to everyone who is already partnering and supporting this new venture, my deep gratitude, thank you for believing in a dream.

‘Keep pressing on’, someone told me, ‘Keep shining’, someone else.

I will be happy to watch the curtain rise on the opening night. I know that will be a moment I cherish forever.


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