New things to come

Time to write. I apologise to those who follow my posts regularly. I wasn’t able to put something down in the last few weeks. Life has been busy, in a productive way. Most of my time goes into preparations for an international project to take place in the city. We are only a few months away and a great deal must be done. It’s so very exciting for me though, that I don’t let the many hours of emails and meetings and phone calls let me lose sight of the vision for what will finally be. It fills me with hope more than anything else. Connectivity somehow feels like the key to artistic progress and to have an intense time for international exchange based here in my very own city is just wonderful. I know also the tremendous impact it will have for young dancers who aspire for more than the ordinary. I hope this festival will break new ground for the opportunities that will come their way in the future. New things, new things, new things. I like to be an agent of change.

Meanwhile artwork is happening but at a slower pace. More invitations to exhibit are coming forward and that is heartwarming. My art is very personal and presents a very different side to my life as dancer and choreographer. I look forward to more exhibitions and travels after the summer. It’s a very much needed practical part of managing both careers, that for certain months one form must take precedence over the other and then the switch is made again.

More news and announcements in the days to come. The process of accomplishing something isn’t always easy…..but staying the course has proven to always be blissful. Wishing you joy in all you must do.


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