Notes to remember

It’s almost November. Calcutta is ushering in her winter. I am in the midst of quite a few different things. Consolidation, seems to be the theme. I’ve put painting on hold for a bit, because of too much dance work and other busyness. The rhythm is too different. I will be sending some artwork to Europe, but that will have to be sometime early next year. I was invited to an art fair in London. That felt really splendid. I can’t accept though. This coming year dance gets priority. It has to be a choice unfortunately, I can’t actually go all out for both at the same time.

But relating to dance, is a project that involves more of my knowledge of dance production. While I can’t as yet give details, it reminds me alot about producing my graduate concert in Taipei. As an international student, that was definitely not easy. However I was complimented on how well everything had been arranged and managed. I enjoy looking into the details, that must have helped. Funding was procured. People were found. The flowers on the table looked lovely. I created a program in Chinese and English. And I managed to lead a team of strangers that became friends. The after parties carry happy memories.

I realize more and more that being a choreographer doesn’t mean only creating a dance in a studio. The roles we play overlap many others, and there is wisdom in experience. Just a special thanks again to everyone helping me navigate the grey areas, or where I’m feeling a little rusty. This is will be beautiful, I can see it, and vision keeps you on the road.


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