Stepping into the unwind…

Writing. It feels like a good way to de-stress. My stress, being more like I’m super energized and feeling on the go, when really I don’t need to keep going. Breathe.  Relax. Take it easy.

But in all honesty, don’t all artists have moments, or rather phases like these.

It’s a good creative energy, but this pace feels more like Taipei life…just when I’d got used to the slower way things work in Calcutta(Kolkata). Smiles. There are some new events coming up, both for dance and art, new applications and projects and a lot of planning…it’s an exciting time. The bustling fever I complain of, is a beautiful fuel that helps make things happen. So actually I’m really grateful for it.

Stepping into an unwind for tonight, I’m glad for the process, and I’m learning to navigate different roles as I walk in new shoes. My choreography teacher once told me, listen to your heart beating every night, listen for that pulse, you’ll find there is a difference. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Human beings carry a different rhythm everyday. We are so unique and so affected physically by everything life takes us through daily. Sense your rhythm, and you will become more aware of yourself. Maybe that’s the most beautiful part of all of this, dance, art, life, process, you understand who you are a little more everyday.


One thought on “Stepping into the unwind…

  1. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful. I totally relate to this. I love your blog. Would you wanna check out mine? 🙂 I’ve got artsy stuff happening there:

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