Dancing the fine line


It’s been a busy week and truly I am so glad for the weekend and time to breathe. I’ve really felt the full weight of balancing the lines between and demands of dance and art work occurring simultaneously.

International standards of packaging artwork are so high. I had quite the time wrapping my head around every detail of the guidelines and have been introduced to a number of new materials. Not everything comes quite as easy when painting happens through natural instinct. There is still quite abit of knowledge to be gained along the way and research helps. But now I know what glassine paper is and it’s possible substitute, acid free archival tissue paper! I went into quite an infamous market in Kolkata and between narrow lanes, dusty doors and questioning eyes found the shopkeepers I needed to find. Bubble wrap and two-ply cardboard are now mine in abundant supply. All of this preparation to pack included a phone-call to California to make sure I was well on track. I’d forgotten Americans speak at a slower pace to what Asians usually do. Smiles.

And I continued to work on a choreographic piece with 200 plus young dance students from middle to high-school for an upcoming open air dance spectacle. Or at least I would want it to be visually yummy. But here’s where it makes most sense to be painting and choreographing as parallel careers. I found the overlap. And this time round I can imagine the dance as a live artwork, with my beautiful highlights being real, dynamic and tangible. It’s hard work, but all of this really so much fun. Delight. It’s been a good week. Busy. Tired. It doesn’t matter. I am fully alive and this is the dream.


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