Don’t be a ‘dancer’, be a human dancing…


With dancers Attila Rónai and Sam Coren of the Hofesh Shecter Company (U.K.) after a workshop in Kolkata.

I could barely contain my excitement. I went as ‘faculty’ to watch the workshop, but I so just wanted to get up to my feet and dance. Still I was glad to watch because the movement in the room was so beautiful and I had a chance finally to understand the intricacies behind it all. I’d seen ‘Political Mother’ in Taipei some years ago and ever since was intrigued by the company. Dynamic, quality, detail, images. This might sound like excessive emotion/exaggeration…..but to me it felt like every word that explained more and everything I saw that made me understand why they moved the way they did, just felt like gold floating through the room. Gold is precious and valuable but more than anything else, it just makes me feel the wonder. And today that was what it was having a door opened into  the thinking and moving of the Hofesh Shecter Company. I loved the crazy, looking silly, being stupid movement triggers, that really did bring out something interesting and honest. To quote Sam Coren, he said, “Don’t be a  ‘dancer”, be a human dancing.” It really makes sense, and something inside me is so glad for a filling in of pieces to many questions in my mind and heart. I feel more complete today somehow. Feels crazy but really good. Sweetness, in the little things.


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