Moving forward…

Getting things together. I haven’t been able to write as much in the last few weeks, because of quite a busy schedule. I feel my mind multi-tasking different roles and job titles. I am happy to say the choreography showcase with the students of Rhythmosaic went very well. My dancers(Mahabub Hossain, Tahnun Ahmedi, Victor Md.Ali, Sayani Chakraborty, Rajni Thapa and Mekhola Bose) all worked very hard and we had a strong team spirit that gave power to the performance of ‘Under Face’.  The term ends and a new one begins. I briefly met the new batch of students and I’m looking forward to what the new session will bring. I get to be a full-time faculty member and I know that working with the dancers over time will be a valuable process. I have something of a break till mid-July and then start dance work again.

But for now, just around the corner I am fully occupied with all that needs to be done for a solo exhibition. It’s exciting and a different kind of production process. I have to engage with people in similar ways to which I would as a choreographer and artistic director. The interactions I have with people, in the role of an artist, is much more than I had expected or imagined. There are many, many decisions to be taken and alot of follow up to manage. It’s stimulating to know this aspect of an artist’s job, but it can also be quite demanding. For the next time round, I will have a more realistic timeline for getting things done, and particularly more accustomed to how things work in Kolkata. Still, for a first time, everything is shaping up well, and I am very excited for what the outcome of  all this next week.


2 thoughts on “Moving forward…

  1. Rich thought put up in paintings which are at display at The Taj Bengal ,kolkata. Although i havent seen her choreography but through her creative paintings i could imagine her dance choreography . Every week i get to witness a new artist in my lounge so far i have been out there for 16 months and in my eyes this kind of expression of art is uncomparable and the best i have seen so far. I think this has a everlasting impact. Also, the personality of the artist adds. I have seen her live painting its a treat to watch totally engrossed in creation.

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