‘…not a solid colour’

Boldness…it seems to be the theme of the past few weeks. I think that’s when you can really step into that something new. When you are not afraid to look like a fool. You are just the happy artist, creating, carefree at heart with the wild child so often sought once more in arms reach. I was exploring a new medium, drawing in pencil and as close to representation that my usually very abstract work might come. I think the process really grew me as an artist, even though the work might not be something I hold as noteworthy in my collection. But yes, it does take a certain boldness and nerve to cross the line of the familiar. And when I paint risk is quite a habit now. Especially striking is the unusual play of colours it leads to, ‘not a solid colour’ my friend describes it as, but ‘beautiful’.

It’s these mixing and melting points that enrich in darker layers that picture story you are living in. There are many new things on the horizon for dance and art projects, and I’m looking forward to these opportunities and challenges. A boldness, to step forward onto those paths less trodden. Small highlight from sketching notes, the facial features and contours say so much about your picture, when I think in terms of dance movement, just a hint of change can translate into so much difference in the attitude of the personality being portrayed…literally there are myriad possibilities without exaggeration, the permutations and combinations are endless. I feel a sense of pleasure in having more tools of crafting for my choreography toolbox. Interestingly the things we don’t expect to happen, ever so subtly actually do.


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