The Dirty Wall…

Put two choreographers together to ramble around a city, and truly they see design in everything. I got to be travel guide for a few days with a friend from dance college, and the result is a series of the most unusual tourist site conversations . Instead of deliberating on the clean white mausoleum in question we found it more interesting to look at the dirtiness of a neighbouring section of wall. And ‘physical distance’ became the intriguing point of juxtaposition. A curtained window and the asymmetry of only three in the church, while the interiors always were about feeling the space of a high ceiling, and the patches of light, that could well be the spot of an opening solo, but the stain-glass artwork, they mesmerized.

We went to many different places, but our reaction in the national museum was probably the most hilarious. We weren’t very concerned with what was inside. Instead we loved the walkways of the courtyard, the balconies, and stairways, an outside space that seemed to be yearning for performance art, almost crying out, ‘Won’t you choreograph?’.  A series of incidents that line up in my mind and make me chuckle, shape, size, line, design, art in everything, even the way naan bread can be eaten with a spoon and fork, dividing things in half, and being precise. It’s a beautiful feeling, and I’m swimming with ideas and insights, there is more yet to come. The atmosphere, and atmospheres of every place ringing a reminding bell in my mind. We danced, we dance in life.


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