Paints please…

I’m often asked how I started to paint. Yes, my life has led me to interesting new places. If I never thought I would be a choreographer one day, I certainly had no inkling that I’d paint too. It’s has been a delightful and a rather raw process discovering this in me. And when I look back, I still can’t quite believe it.

Here’s an attempt to explain how. It was the summer of 2010 in Taipei, the month of June( the very month that this year, four years later, I will have my first solo exhibition), that it began. I was around artist friends alot that past semester and even more so that summer, and one such friend talked about the possibility of one day there being a book written on my life, a book filled with colors and pictures that told my story, that were vibrant and full of energy. I found the idea fascinating, but dismissed it. Two nights later, I found myself restless at night, unable to sleep. The only solution in the morning seemed to  be to go to the supermarket, buy some colours, and start painting.

I started with watercolours, painting in a garage. Then later explored oils and acrylics on canvas in a friend’s house, she watched amazed as I playfully mixed the colors from instinct. I like to have music on when I paint, I usually sing if I can’t play music. I have worked with pastels too, and colour pencils. Different places affect the kind of painting I create. Israel was a birthing of many more new colours and voices in my art. And perhaps refinement came along the way, after many many many sketches and paintings that I created from a natural effortless zest. It’s been a bold adventure. And this is still just the beginning…


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