Fixed on the road

Process…it’s seems to be all that surrounds me. Like a bubble I’m wrapped in for protection. It’s the invisible key that somehow helps you layer things well enough to smoothen out the rough edges, and that raw unfinished possibility is in all likelihood ruled out. Sometimes I really rebel against the process because it requires so much patience, more than the usual endowment very often. And here is where sensitivities help build maturity. Slow down, slow down, slow down. It’s very hard to do that when you want to race ahead. But in the past too I know that more time has often been very necessary for a higher quality result.

Well all my deliberation is based on the pulling together of a production process. And here’s where you really need community. Somebody once told me, you go alone you go fast, you move together you create momentum. This is a great precept to pursue, but it requires a certain reigning in of temperaments and you have to know how to work with people. It’s all wonderful, as I keep learning to digest the contingencies and work around what seem to be impediments. Finally it remains that the show must go on, whether you are inching ahead at snail’s pace or everything is moving so fast it’s like you are caught in a whirlwind of activity. I will enjoy the time to breathe, to scrutinize, to work on details, to enjoy my managerial role in all of this, and when the much awaited event finally takes place it will be so much the sweeter. In the meantime, we gain energy from the road.


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