…The Artist’s Life

I find myself in a new kind of busyness, one that has to do with connecting with people. Yes, we all know now that every artist(no matter what kind) requires some level of public relations and media promotion, or in the loudness of the buzzing industry, your voice isn’t quite heard. It’s just a difference of having someone who does it on your behalf or not.

I have a college degree in Business Administration(major in Marketing). For a long time, it didn’t quite make sense to people that I had management as a background to dance and choreography. I hadn’t planned it that way, it’s just how things turned it. It was considered by many as unnecessary, unrelated and quite futile, when one needed in fact to nurture the artist within. And wouldn’t it soil that precious creativity once it was mingled with a business mindset. Well no, not really, and not anymore. The change in recent years for a personal advocacy( especially for young/emerging independent artists) makes it so very essential to have some knowledge/sense of management and particularly marketing. Nowadays the response to my BBA (in Marketing) is ‘how useful’. I like the the pleasant change.

Where does all this lead me….

Life molds you into who you need to be, traditional notions are changing and you don’t need to fit the stereotype. Identities get rolled into each other for that perfect blend. You fit in, just be you. And even if you feel you don’t, let that be a good thing- it sets you apart!


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