Dance across borders…

Things change suddenly. And this time the suddenly brings rest. I have more time to work on the choreography and the exhibition is also abit later than initially planned. All final dates will be announced soon. But it feels like now there is no need to rush anything. And that is wonderful.

The last few days involved many different things leading to the changed decision. For this post however I want to focus on good news. I have been accepted to present a research paper on my choreography at an international dance conference. For those of you that know of World Dance Alliance, you would be aware of the Global Summit that will be held this July in Angers, France.(For more details, I hope I am able to attend because I know it will be a great learning experience on many different levels. I have attended many different conferences organised by WDA in India, HongKong, Taiwan and USA. It’s always been a colourful and vibrant confluence of ideas,people, dance and cultures. There are scholarly presentations, workshops and masterclasses, performances and seminars and alot of fun interactions along the way. It’s always so enriching when dance communities assemble together and this gathering will have friends from the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. I am truly looking forward to it and highly recommend joining in if you can fly to France this summer.

The writing will need to be done too, but it is a very meaningful research project for me so I will enjoy it. I think it will bring a new perception for many other emerging choreographers and dance scholars like myself understanding transition and dance across borders.


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