Four weeks to go…

Dance, dance, dance. Day 2 of my rehearsal with young students at Rhythmosaic. We are working on a piece that will be a part of their graduate showcase. This is something of a mosaic work, using movement ideas/choreographic inspiration from individual pieces the students created, deconstructing this and arriving at a core idea to work from, I have something to dig into and emerge from. It requires quite a lot of work though, and time is flying by. It reminds me of my work in Taipei, we had to rehearse for my graduate production under very difficult circumstances. At that time it was just something that had to be borne and walked through. Today I am glad for the experience. It makes crunch time work more approachable, more doable. Still tough when as the choreographer and artist you want to do so much, it’s always more pleasant to have time to develop work over time. But sometimes, the pressure provokes more creative results, it’s all about how your creativity responds to stress, sometimes it’s great stimulus and brings surprisingly good outcomes. I do hope for enough of a chance to coach the dancers well, but this is just a workshop project after all, so perhaps it will do and will the dance be well received. We breathe, smile and keep working.


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