Spray, spray, spray…

The last bit of varnishing is left. Just over six months of painting and I am the delighted creator of thirty canvases. It’s been easy and hard, but I’m glad it’s now nearing to completion. My exhibition dates should be finalized soon and my very first gallery showing is just around the corner. This is a dream come true. Yes, just the process of it is a dream, good and bad, yet having that ethereal other worldly something of the surreal and wonderful to it quality about it. I think the term for so many (‘dream come true’) is quite a cliche and for some it hits  face of hard disbelieving cynicism…but for the one who claims it, if in earnest, the good feeling woven into it all, is special in a way that’s hard to express.

But back to art and painting. From a self-taught artist, I have definitely learnt alot in this process and over the last almost four years. While my natural instincts lead me, watching others at work or looking at finished paintings, as well as research from time to time informs me well. But the best way to learn deep long lasting lessons is when you learn by doing, or rather learn not to do or do differently. Mistakes are priceless. I truly value them. They make understanding sink in with deep clarity. I enjoy varnishing, it requires different things of you to painting. It’s all a very physical process though. Artists who are painters need to be strong. Inside and out.

Well, a few more weeks to go, I will till then spray, spray, spray…


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